Did you know?... A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside!
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Yodathepimp - Funny Audio

Yoda the Pimp.

File: YodathePimp.mp3

Bytes - Funny Audio

This is usually only funny if you're under 6 years old. I thought it was funny.

File: bytes.mp3

Hypnotic - Weird Audio

I'm hypnotized. Are you hypnotized?

File: hypnotic.wav

Bk Holiday Guy - Funny Audio

BK Holiday guy remix!

File: BK_Holiday_Guy.mp3

Fraternityssuck - Funny Audio

In college I belonged to Imma-Kappa-Cop. We weren't really very popular.

File: FraternitysSuck.mp3

Mcpenis - Funny Audio

Some McAsshole asking for a McPenis fillet.

File: McPenis.mp3

Boogotshot - Funny Audio

Boo got shot. I only know that because of the translator.

File: boogotshot.wav

Todaysecretsong - Funny Audio

Today's Secret Song, brought to you by Ronco.

File: TodaySecretSong.mp3

Matrixintwominutes - Funny Audio

The Matrix in two minutes.

File: matrixintwominutes.mp3

Thegourds Gin And Juice - Funny Audio

Gin and juice? More like moonshine and juice.

File: TheGourds_Gin_And_Juice.mp3
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