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Packin Pilots - Funny Audio

They are really beefing up the airport security

File: Packin_Pilots.mp3

No Son - Funny Audio

playing games? A bill collector gets upset. ... prank call

File: no_son.mp3

Alpacinoprank - Funny Audio

you would think Al Pacino would have better things to do

File: AlPacinoPrank.mp3

Telemarketer Cell Phone - Funny Audio

Wht do you think of my Crank yankers inpersonation?

File: telemarketer-cell-phone.mp3

Clerksusuckdeer4 - Funny Audio

You suck.

File: Clerksusuckdeer4.mp3

Back2school - Funny Audio

Ok, so we're a couple days late with this one.

File: Back2School.wav

Weird Phone Message 19mp3 - Weird Audio

The internet makes everyone a tough guy.

File: weird-phone-message-19mp3

Jj Fad Super Sonic - Funny Audio

These girls are white. Who are they trying to fool?

File: JJ_Fad_Super_Sonic.mp3

Piranha Man Viva Las Vegas - Weird Audio

Why does this make me think of 7-11?

File: Piranha-Man-viva-las-vegas.mp3

2213 Danzig2 - Funny Audio

What a great line. Makes me want some cereal.

File: 2213-danzig2.mp3
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