Did you know?... Goodyear Rubber Company researched and concluded that shoes wear out faster on the right foot than the left.
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1 Nte - Funny Audio

Not thick enough I guess.

File: 1_nte.wav

Wrangl02 - Funny Audio

Wrangler. Ok. Quit sending this crap to us.

File: wrangl02.wav

Dirty001 - Funny Audio

Dirty. Where are these things coming from?

File: dirty001.wav

Cock0001 - Funny Audio


File: cock0001.wav

Asshol01 - Funny Audio


File: asshol01.wav

Andy - Funny Audio

What a tool.

File: andy.mp3

Taint001 - Funny Audio

It's as simple as taint. Really.

File: taint001.wav

Osamahunter - Funny Audio

If you really want to find Osama, just follow the trail of molested goats.

File: OsamaHunter.mp3

Barneygetsshot - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie.

File: barneygetsshot.mp3

Brothers - Funny Audio

prank call...a very patient telemarketer

File: brothers.mp3
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