Did you know?... Former U.S. President Franklin Pierce was arrested during his term as President for running over an old lady with his horse, but the charges were later dropped.
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Gary Coleman1 - Funny Audio

Gary Coleman's still got game.

File: Gary_Coleman1.mp3

Carpenter Man - Funny Audio

This is actually from a band called Fugly. Big shock...they suck.

File: carpenter_man.mp3

Zoomzipfeat - Funny Audio

Whistle Tip remix. See templeofblackjesus.com for details.

File: zoomzipfeat.mp3

Umm - Weird Audio

We keep getting these weird messages on our answering machine.

File: umm.mp3

Orgasmmm - Funny Audio

Melissa's MILFgasm

File: orgasmmm.mp3

Todayblingmessage - Funny Audio

Zeek. Fear him.

File: TodayBlingMessage.mp3

Dollypartonstits25 - Funny Audio

You'd think there would be pictures on the net somewhere.

File: DollyPartonsTits25.mp3

Sumdumhos23535 - Funny Audio

All that and No MSG!!

File: SumDumHos23535.mp3

Mrpotatohead - Funny Audio

Back doors are not secrets.

File: mrpotatohead.mp3

Mike Tyson - Crazy Audio

Prince charming.

File: Mike_Tyson.mp3
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