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Asshole - Funny Audio

Isn't it bad enough having to work at McDonald's without assholes like this calling?

File: asshole.mp3

Mr T Mrt - Weird Audio

What does the T stand for anyway?

File: MR_T_MRT.mp3

386dx Smells Like Teen Spirit - Weird Audio

Q:What's red and black and has more brains than Kurt Cobain? A:His garage wall.

File: 386DX-Smells_Like_Teen_Spirit.mp3

Big Black And 21 - Funny Audio

Me too man. Me too.

File: big__black_and_21.mp3

Anilin02 - Funny Audio

Sometimes a word is worth a thousand pictures.

File: anilin02.wav

30 Z - Weird Audio

I don't know. I really don't think we should have ever gotten an 800 number. All we get are messages like this.

File: 30-Z.mp3

Billhicksbeervspot35 - Funny Audio

Bill Hicks. Beer vs. Pot.

File: BillHicksBeerVsPot35.mp3

My Fart Will Go On Again - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. My Fart Will Go On.

File: my_fart_will_go_on_again.mp3

To My Teenage Son - Weird Audio

So what are you trying to say?

File: To_My_Teenage_Son.mp3

Matthew Gerrard Smith - Weird Audio

I thought this might be some sort of encoded terrorist communication until the end. Who the hell is Matthew Gerrard Smith?

File: matthew-gerrard-smith.mp3
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