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Pudding - Stupid Audio

Will someone please take this kid outside? Seriously.

File: pudding.mp3

Levy - Funny Audio

Seriously. Tell them how you really feel.

File: Levy.mp3

Caughtmeonehanded - Funny Audio

Caught me one handed.

File: CaughtMeOneHanded.mp3

Songformatt - Funny Audio

Seriously. Why isn't Matt Smith more famous than he already is?

File: SongForMatt.mp3

Nipple010 - Funny Audio

Again, a word can be worth a thousand pictures. Or at least two.

File: nipple010.wav

Wellsaid - Funny Audio

I couldn't have said it better myself.

File: wellsaid.mp3

Cantdrive65 - Funny Audio

I can't drive, I'm 65.

File: cantdrive65.mp3

Partypals - Funny Audio

Why can't we all just get along?

File: partypals.mp3

Arnoldcallsbatteredwomenhotline - Funny Audio

He'll be back...

File: ArnoldCallsBatteredWomenHotline.mp3

Collectphonenamestouse - Funny Audio

I think one of these callers was actually Carrott Top.

File: CollectPhoneNamesToUse.mp3
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