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Knockedout - Funny Audio

I totally agree.

File: knockedout.mp3

Silver Shamrock - Scary Audio

This song still gives me the creeps.

File: silver-shamrock.mp3

Matt Smith Message - Weird Audio

Seriously. Who the hell is Matt Smith and why are people leaving him messages on our machine?

File: matt-smith-message.mp3

Smoove - Funny Audio

Smoove B - from The Onion, Smoove's got game. I'm not really sure what that game is, but he's certainly got it.

File: Smoove.mp3

Dicerhymes - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. Andrew Dice Clay - Nursery Rhymes.

File: dicerhymes.mp3

Antithong - Funny Audio

The anti-thong song.

File: antithong.mp3

Female - Funny Audio

I got this on my answering machine too. How did she know this? I think my house is bugged.

File: female.mp3

Whyhiphopsucksin96 - Funny Audio


File: WhyHipHopSucksIn96.mp3

Mattsmith - Funny Audio

And who the hell is Matt Smith?

File: MattSmith.mp3

Garycoleman2 - Funny Audio

...or maybe not.

File: GaryColeman2.mp3
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