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Japaneselesson - Funny Audio

Yatta means, "eat me"???

File: JapaneseLesson.mp3

Frenchcuss - Funny Audio

All the French you need to know.

File: frenchcuss.mp3

Ebonicsss - Funny Audio

I've always wanted to study ebonics.

File: ebonicsss.mp3

Drivebyyy - Funny Audio

M.C. Hawkings is in the hizzouse.

File: drivebyyy.mp3

Mr T Work Need Work - Funny Audio

Complete your annoying computer startup routine with this jibbajabba, fool!

File: mr-t-work-need-work.wav

Germancussing - Funny Audio

How to curse in German.

File: germancussing.mp3

Goatse - Funny Audio

If you've seen it, this is pretty funny.

File: goatse.mp3

Crackhead - Funny Audio

Crack or Smack? I'll have both.

File: CrackHead.mp3

Corky - Funny Audio

Eating is serious! Eating is fun! ...especially for retards.

File: Corky.mp3

Captainkirk - Funny Audio

Hi. My name is...wtf?

File: CaptainKirk.mp3
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