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Imagangster - Funny Audio

White men can't rap either.

File: imagangster.mp3

Shatner - Funny Audio

Sloppy Bob - Shatner Remix

File: shatner.mp3

Masterbate - Funny Audio

I still don't think these guys are funny. Ok. Maybe a little.

File: masterbate.mp3

Smackmybitchup - Funny Audio

Chane my pitch up. Smack my bitch up. Thank yooooo. I'll be here all week.

File: SmackMyBitchUp.mp3

Dazed And Chinese - Funny Audio

Dazed and Chinese.

File: Dazed_and_Chinese.mp3

Gypsykings Volare - Cool Audio

I don't know what these crazy little gypsys are saying but damn they sound happy about it.

File: gypsykings_volare.mp3

Kompressormusic Brush Your Teeth - Funny Audio

Now they need to make one called cut your hair and get a job.

File: kompressormusic_-_brush_your_teeth.mp3

Gunn Theme - Cool Audio

Peter Gunn.

File: gunn_theme.mp3

Shaggy1 - Funny Audio

Shaggy goes shopping.

File: shaggy1.mp3

Rectal - Funny Audio

Assmaster. Buttpirate. Turdburgler.

File: rectal.mp3
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