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Reverse - Game Flash

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. All you need to do is move the cube to the goal. What could be easier?

File: reverse.swf

Flash Tetris - Game Flash

Because some times, the simple games are the best.

File: flash-tetris.swf

Tictactoe - Game Flash

back to basics.

File: tictactoe.swf

Simon - Game Flash

Classic simon. For no other reason than to make you appreciate the other games more.

File: simon.swf

Asteroids - Game Flash

Fash Asteroids

File: asteroids.swf

Flash Pac Man - Game Flash

Pac Man

File: flash-pac-man.swf

Bomber Bob - Game Flash

Use the arrow keys to fly, and the space bar to shoot.

File: Bomber-Bob.swf

Island Cruising - Game Flash

Just use your arrow keys to accelerate and turn.

File: Island-Cruising.swf

Cube Buster - Game Flash

Click the squares to bust them, but they have to be connected to other squares of the same color to be eligible for busting. It's a little bit like politics.

File: Cube_Buster.swf

Mep Ball - Game Flash

Mep Ball!

File: mep-ball.swf
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