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Ball Trap - Game Flash

It's easy. Just get all the red balls on the red side, and the blue balls on the blue side.

File: Ball_Trap.swf

What Is Love - Funny Flash

I'm pretty sure this is from You're the Man Now Dog.

File: What_Is_Love.swf

Pixel Field - Game Flash

Move your base through the maze but don't let any of your attached dots smack the wall. This is harder than it looks.

File: Pixel_Field.swf

Nuke The Nukes - Game Flash

Click on the dark blue jibberish in the beginning to begin. The object is to detonate your only bomb at the precise location and time to take out the maximum number of other bombs.

File: Nuke_The_Nukes.swf

Xiaoxiao 4 - Game Flash

A really cool three dimensional shooter game. Use your mouse to shoot and Space to reload.

File: XiaoXiao_4.swf

School Yard Bully - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to move, and the space bar to 'punk' the other kids on the playground. Push them only once and they'll to and tell the teacher, so make sure to really beat the crap out of them and take their lunch money. Real friendly game, huh?

File: School_Yard_Bully.swf

Game132 - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to accelerate and turn. Then race!

File: game132.swf

Athlete Balls And Walls - Game Flash

Use Z and X to move and collect the balls, or catch them as your opponent shoots. Use S to aim and shoot and try to knock out all the levels and sink your opponent.

File: Athlete_Balls_And_Walls.swf

Landing Practice - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to land the space ship on the platforms but make sure not to land too hard and keep an eye on your fuel.

File: Landing_Practice.swf

Beach Squirter - Game Flash

Use the controls to squirt the girl on the beach.

File: Beach_Squirter.swf
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