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Catch 33 - Game Flash

Catch the numbers in order as fast as you can.

File: Catch_33.swf

Rabbit Punch - Game Flash

Here's a good one to kill some time while you wait for your hangover to subside.

File: Rabbit_Punch.swf

Beer Pong - Game Flash

If you can stomach the Jimmy Buffett, this is a pretty fun game. Use your space bar to set the direction, and then the velocity.

File: Beer-Pong.swf

Bubble Shooter - Game Flash

WARNING: This game is very addictive. You will waste all day with this.

File: Bubble_Shooter.swf

Starship Seven - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to control your thrusters and maneuver your space ship into the white fuzzy blob.

File: Starship_Seven.swf

Snowball - Game Flash

See how far you can roll your snowball down the hill and not hit anything.

File: Snowball.swf

Global Rescue - Game Flash

Z= Drop chaff. C= Fire. Space= Rescue hostages. Arrow keys= Navigate.

File: Global_Rescue.swf

The Invisible Quest - Game Flash

See if you can navigate through the tracks without seeing your cursor.

File: The_Invisible_Quest.swf

House Of Golf - Interesting Flash

The House That Golf Built

File: House_Of_Golf.pps

Skirmish Paintball - Game Flash

What does it say about me that all I tried to do was cover the entire place with paint?

File: Skirmish_Paintball.swf
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