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Alias - Game Flash

One thing is sure, this game is loud. Make sure you turn your sound down before you start.

File: Alias.swf

Trap Shoot - Game Flash

Shoot stuff!

File: Trap_Shoot.swf

Snowy The Bear - Game Flash

Use your arow keys to move, and the Ctrl key to throw snowballs at the monsters until they become big snowballs, then use your Ctrl key again to kick the big snowballs at other monsters.

File: Snowy_The_Bear.swf

Tadpole - Game Flash

Use your mouse to make the tadpole swip to the surface but avoid the ceiling and all the creatures that are trying to eat you.

File: Tadpole.swf

10 Pin Alley - Game Flash

F**k it dude, let's go bowling.

File: 10_Pin_Alley.swf

Metal Slug Rampage - Game Flash

Metal Slug Rampage!

File: Metal_Slug_Rampage.swf

Tight Rope - Game Flash

Use your mouse to keep the drunken tight rope walker on track.

File: tight_Rope.swf

Dodge Ball - Game Flash

Dip Dive Duck Dodge and .. Dodge?

File: Dodge_Ball.swf

Bush Shoot Out - Game Flash

Help Bush fight terrorism. Literally.

File: Bush_Shoot_Out.swf

Mini Putt 3 - Game Flash

if you try really hard, I'm sure you can make a drinking game out of this.

File: Mini_Putt_3.swf
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