Did you know?... The universally popular Hershey bar was used overseas during World War II as currency.
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Emo Killer - Game Flash

There's only so much crying and journal writing you can take before you snap...

File: emo_killer.swf

Uber Pool - Game Flash

Uber Pool. Uber Cool.

File: Uber_Pool.swf

Nex Game - Game Flash

Click the screen at the right time to smash the walls. Hint: you can't smash walls with your face.

File: nex-game.swf

10 Count - Game Flash

Click on the numbers in the order they appear.

File: 10_Count.swf

Sniper - Game Flash

Feel what it's like to be a sniper in a World full of stick people.

File: sniper.swf

Bums Rush - Game Flash

Avoid the traffic, and get the change that has been dropped in the road.

File: bums-rush.swf

Defend Your Ingloor - Game Flash

Whatever the hell an Ingloor is, it's your job to defend it. Shoot stuff!!

File: defend-your-ingloor.swf

Urinal Game - Game Flash

A valuable training guide for men.

File: urinal-game.swf

Burger King - Funny Flash

Ding fries are done! DING FRIES ARE DONE!. This is so old, but we're posting it again because there's this really cute girl at the coffee shop down the street who reminded me of it.

File: burger-king.swf

Jingle Bells - Interesting Flash

Dad, don't watch this one. Seriously. (He's got heart problems.)

File: jingle-bells.swf
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