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Sneaking Home - Game Flash

I'm not sure what happens at the end of this. If you're able to finish it, please send me an email and let me know.

File: Sneaking_home.swf

Shuriken Challenge - Game Flash

Do you have Ninja Skills?

File: Shuriken_Challenge.swf

Destructionism - Game Flash

Seriously, I'm probably borderline retarded, but these are some of my favorite types of games. All you do is blast away at stuff.

File: Destructionism.swf

2d Knockout - Game Flash

Use your space bar to block and your mouse to punch the crap out of your opponent.

File: 2D_Knockout.swf

Mcdonalds Ebonics - Funny Flash

Leave it to McDonald's to help America with race relations.

File: mcdonalds_ebonics.swf

Alias 3 - Game Flash

Controlls: A=Back, D=Forward, S=Crouch, W=Small Jump, Space=Big Jump, Mouse=Shoot. Kill Kill Kill!!

File: Alias_3.swf

Kenya - Weird Flash

Are you looking for an annoying song to have stuck in your head all day? Well here's one.

File: Kenya.swf

Parking Perfection - Game Flash

Parking perfection.

File: Parking_Perfection.swf

Attack Of The Sprouts - Game Flash

Don't like sprouts? Well then you'll love this.

File: Attack_Of_The_Sprouts.swf

Cave Escape - Game Flash

Cave Escape. Dodge the rocks to get out.

File: Cave_Escape.swf
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