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Guardian - Game Flash

An explorer has been captured and it's your job to keep him from being bashed to death with flying rocks.

File: Guardian.swf

Monster Mash - Game Flash

These are my favorite kinds of games.

File: Monster_Mash.swf

Cone Crazy - Game Flash

Cone Crazy. Knock down as many cones as you can.

File: Cone_Crazy.swf

Klax 3d - Game Flash

Down speeds up the conveyor belt. Left and right arrow keys move paddle. Space bar drops the top tile. P for pause/unpause.

File: klax_3d.swf

Mario Tetris 3 - Game Flash

Mario Tetris 3.

File: mario_tetris_3.swf

Conan The Barbarian - Game Flash

Conan Obrian the Barbarian.

File: Conan_The_Barbarian.swf

Figure Five Frenzy - Game Flash

Figure Five Frenzy

File: figure-five-frenzy.swf

Crashclassic - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to control the car and win the race to progress to the next level.

File: crashclassic.swf

Striplings 2060 - Game Flash

Use your measly three moves to take on the World famous Stripling Warriors.

File: striplings_2060.swf

Tad Pole - Game Flash

Guide your tadpole through the pond but watch out for the bugs and the traps.

File: Tad_Pole.swf
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