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Tattoo Artist - Game Flash

Practice your tattooing skills.

File: tattoo_artist.swf

Breakit 2 - Game Flash

Break the bricks. Collect the points.

File: breakit_2.swf

Bomb Pong - Game Flash

What could make Ping Pong even better? That's right, strap a bomb to the ball!

File: bomb_pong.swf

Mobile Weapon Zero - Game Flash

How can you not like a game that includes a Photosensitive Seizure warning in the beginning?

File: mobile_weapon_zero.swf

Road Block - Game Flash

You could waste all day playing this one. Read the instructions and have fun.

File: road_block.swf

Alpine Escape - Game Flash

Move your motorcycle using the mouse. Click your motorcycle and hold to build power to fire your rockets. Catch the women before they splatter on the ground and don't hit the blimp.

File: Alpine_Escape.swf

Flash Blackjack - Game Flash

It's just a basic game of BlackJack.

File: Flash_BlackJack.swf

Puzzle - Game Flash

Hold SHIFT while you click a shape to spin it, then try to cover the whole square. Looks easy, right?

File: puzzle.swf

Bull Riding - Game Flash

Bullriding looks tough. It gets even harder when the bull has a lit fuse coming out of its...

File: Bull_Riding.swf

Drunk Driving - Game Flash

Hey, it's Cinco De Mayo. You'll be doing this later anyway so you might as well get some practice.

File: drunk_driving.swf
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