Did you know?... Household bleach is the recommended chemical to decontaminate people exposed to the anthrax virus, by the U.S. F.D.A. .
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Mercury Drops - Game Flash

Combine yourself with smaller drops but don't get sucked in by a larger one.

File: Mercury_Drops.swf

Track Master - Game Flash

Seems easy enough, til you try it.

File: Track_Master.swf

Cow Boxing - Game Flash

The bull is back.

File: Cow_Boxing.swf

Game Gems - Game Flash

Click on the gems to rotate them. Try to match them in groups of three or more. Every time you do, you get points and more time is added to the clock.

File: Game_Gems.swf

Centrifuge - Game Flash

Click anywhere to release your projectiles and try to avoid being hit by the spheres.

File: Centrifuge.swf

Orca Slap - Game Flash

The object is to hit the penguins when they are fliped into the air.

File: Orca_Slap.swf

Bowling - Game Flash

Just Bowling!

File: Bowling.swf

Goki Dash - Game Flash

Goki must mean Cockroach. The roach will follow your mouse. Eat as many dots as you can, but watch out for the lizards.

File: Goki_Dash.swf

Plastic Balls - Game Flash

It's like Breakout, only circular. And in Outer Space. And with gravitational pull. And fruit.

File: Plastic_Balls.swf

Presidentail Ping Pong - Game Flash

Presidentail Ping Pong. Ok, so the instructions are written in Notamerican, but you'll get it.

File: Presidentail_Ping_Pong.swf
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