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See Saw Bounce - Game Flash

Don't let the instructions intimidate you. This one is easy to figure out.

File: See_Saw_Bounce.swf

Cubedelic - Game Flash

It's not Funkadelic. It's Cubadelic.

File: Cubedelic.swf

Jack Hammer Rampage - Game Flash

Ride your jack hammer through the game and kill stuff! Hey, it's Tuesday.

File: jack_Hammer_Rampage.swf

Stick Avalanch - Game Flash

The idea is simple. Just avoid getting hit in the head by any big, falling spikes.

File: Stick_Avalanch.swf

Gravity Rocket Launch - Game Flash

Try to adjust the thrust and angle to get your rocket to the space station using the moon's gravity.

File: Gravity_Rocket_Launch.swf

Classic Breakout - Game Flash

All that's missing is the little paddle controller.

File: Classic_Breakout.swf

Axis Of Evil Typing - Game Flash

Sharpen your typing skills and save the World all at the same time.

File: Axis_Of_Evil_Typing.swf

Happy Pills - Game Flash

Shoot your happy pills to cheer up the faces but make sure not to give them too much of a good thing.

File: happy_Pills.swf

The Package - Game Flash

Well, I was blown to bits so... your guess is as good as mine on this one.

File: The_Package.swf

Star Ball - Game Flash

Star Ball! Youll understand how to play as soon as you start.

File: Star_Ball.swf
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