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Alien Clones - Game Flash

Use your mouse to aim, move and shoot. What could be easier, right?

File: Alien_Clones.swf

Splash Back - Game Flash

Add liquid to the bubbles to make them grow and explode, hopefully clearing out any other bubbles. You only have 10 spashes to work with, so make them count.

File: Splash_Back.swf

Stress Relief Paintball - Game Flash

It releives even more stress if you imagine it's your office. And if you imagine it's a real gun.

File: Stress_Relief_Paintball.swf

9 Ball - Game Flash

Play a classic game of 9-Ball against the comptuer or another player.

File: 9-ball.swf

Sun First Person Shooter - Game Flash

Once you get past the annoying warning screen, and all the disclaimers in the beginning, this is actually a pretty good shooter game. Just blast away at all the guys that look like the Unibomber. I can't get past the first level.

File: Sun_First_Person_Shooter.swf

The Annoying Red Button Thing - Funny Flash

Because it never gets old. Or does it?

File: The_Annoying_Red_Button_Thing.swf

Kill The Pac Man - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to move back and forth, and the space bar to jump. Land on as many Pac-Men as you can to gain points.

File: Kill_The_Pac_Man.swf

Snowboarding - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to turn. Every pair of trees you see is a gate that you have to go through. Don't miss the gates and look out for the rocks!

File: Snowboarding.swf

Rally Racing Game - Game Flash

Mini Clip Rally. Be the Monkey. Always be the monkey.

File: Rally_Racing_Game.swf

Car Maze - Game Flash

Click on the arrows in the direction you want to go. Pay attention to the arrows and navigate through the maze.

File: Car_Maze.swf
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