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Breakout 360 - Game Flash

Just like regular Breakout, only now you can go 360 degrees.

File: Breakout_360.swf

Refrigerator War Rhetoric - Funny Flash

The George W. Bush Magnetic Refrigerator War Rhetoric Kit.

File: Refrigerator_War_Rhetoric.swf

Cat Death Auto - Game Flash

If you're a cat lover, you probably don't want to open this. I guess that really all depends on your definition of 'cat lover' though.

File: Cat_Death_Auto.swf

Trailer Park Hamster Vomit Attack - Game Flash

Wow. Somebody really made this. I mean.. wow.

File: Trailer_Park_Hamster_Vomit_Attack.swf

Warthog Launch - Game Flash

Use the sliders to adjust your location, direction and the force of the explosion, then Launch your Wart-Hog and try to hit as many creatures as you can.

File: Warthog_Launch.swf

Mini Putt - Game Flash

Just a good, old fashioned mini-golf game.

File: Mini_Putt.swf

Bomb Jack - Game Flash

Jump around and collect all the bombs.

File: Bomb_Jack.swf

Leeroy Jenkins Teamwork Sound Board - Soundboard Flash

Leeroy Jenkins Soundboard. At least I got chicken.

File: Leeroy_Jenkins_Teamwork_Sound_Board.swf

Happy Tree Shoot - Game Flash

Because really, all anybody wants to do is shoot stuff anyway. Right?

File: Happy_Tree_Shoot.swf

Snake Game - Game Flash

Eat the dots when they appear but make sure not to hit the wall, or eat yourself. Heh heh heh.

File: Snake_Game.swf
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