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Scary Maze Game - Game Flash

Hey! Want to play that Scare-the-crap out-of-your-friends maze game that's so popular these days? Yeah, me either.

File: Scary_Maze_Game.swf

Cheney Hunt - Game Flash

Go quail hunting with Dick Cheney. You had to see this one coming.

File: cheney_hunt.swf

Frog Mania - Game Flash

Click on a frog to start the chain reaction. Try to use as many frogs as you can in the reaction before one gets the bug.

File: Frog_Mania.swf

Naked Melee Armageddon - Game Flash

naked Melee Armageddon. How can this not be a good one? The idea is to make as many little naked people as you can, then stand back and watch the armageddon.

File: Naked_Melee_Armageddon.swf

Office Space - Game Flash

It's just another typical day at the office.

File: Office_Space.swf

Super Mario Rampage - Game Flash

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. What video games need are more guns.

File: Super_Mario_Rampage.swf

George Rag - Game Flash

Hey, remember that flash game where you could manipulate a dummy that was falling through a series of spheres? Well here's a different one.

File: george_rag.swf

Chopper Gift Lift - Game Flash

Use the arrow keys to control direction, and the space bar to control altitude. Gather the gifts from the other islands and bring them home. Here's a hint, don't land too hard.

File: Chopper_Gift_Lift.swf

Swinger Game - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to rotate and use your space bar to jump. Swing from post to post and hit them all to win.

File: Swinger_Game.swf

Turkey Shoot - Game Flash

Here's a pretty simple shooter game. Just blast away at bouncing turkeys.

File: Turkey_Shoot.swf
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