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Divine Intervention - Game Flash

Here is a pretty good Zombie game. Use A, D, S, and W to move. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Here's a hint, back up a little while shooting because it takes a lot to kill some of these things.

File: Divine_Intervention.swf

Skeleton Park - Game Flash

The dogs have stolen your bones. Get them back, but don't get caught by the dogs.

File: Skeleton_Park.swf

Ant Arena - Game Flash

The Ant Arena.

File: Ant_Arena.swf

Bubble Wrap - Funny Flash

Virtual bubble wrap. What will they think of next?

File: Bubble_Wrap.swf

Fight Club - Game Flash

I hate this stuff, but heh, is it fun to beat up P Diddy. I didn't know what was missing in my life until now.

File: fight_club.swf

Homerunrally - Game Flash

Funn little home run batting cage-ish game. I didn't hit a single one.

File: homerunrally.swf

Rat Snake - Game Flash

Snake, more or less, except with a mouse and cheese and giant glowing piles of arsenic and screaming. Lots of screaming.

File: rat_snake.swf

Penguin Batter - Game Flash

Click on the Snowman to begin. The, pretty much just see how far you can bat this poor little penguin.

File: Penguin_Batter.swf

Arse Race - Game Flash

Arse race. That's right, they're racing buttocks.

File: Arse_Race.swf

Full Time Killer - Game Flash

You're a sniper. Take out all the targets but watch out for the police.

File: Full_Time_Killer.swf
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