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Ultimate Flash Sonic - Game Flash

Not officially sponsored by the real Sonic. Or the burget joint. For crying out loud, it's just a game.

File: Ultimate_Flash_Sonic.swf

Pluck My Tash - Game Flash

Seriously, this is really gross.

File: Pluck_My_Tash.swf

Toboggan Jump 2002 - Game Flash

Toboggan Jump 2002. Or 2001. I can't tell. What do you care, you get to jump toboggans over stuff!

File: Toboggan_Jump_2002.swf

Game101 - Game Flash

Move the ring the length of the wire or risk shockigng your friend. Dependin gon what kind of a mood you're in, Shock your friend or risk moving the ring the length of the wire. Either way.

File: game101.swf

Tubin On Lake Tyler - Game Flash

Let's Go Tubin'

File: Tubin_On_Lake_Tyler.swf

Non African Safari - Game Flash

Shoot stuff!

File: non-african-safari.swf

Solitaire Pinup - Game Flash

You know what? I don't even know how to play solitaire and I spent 45 minutes with this.

File: solitaire_pinup.swf

Napoleon Dance - Game Flash

Learn to Dance with Napoleon Dynamite

File: Napoleon-Dance.swf

My Diamond - Game Flash

Just move your butt plug or whatever that thing is and get the diamonds without getting zapped by the red lines.

File: my-diamond.swf

Fight Club Shorts - Interesting Flash

Should I be concerned that this hits a little too close to home for me?

File: fight-club-shorts.swf
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