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Paris Hilton Stone Face - Weird Flash

More proof that Paris Hilton is actually a robot.

File: paris-hilton-stone-face.swf

Knife Throw - Game Flash

This is sick, but I spent most of the time trying to actually hit her.

File: knife-throw.swf

Adrenaline Challenge - Game Flash

Crazy Monkey Games' Adrenaline Challenge.

File: adrenaline-challenge.swf

Ring Maniaj - Game Flash

Spin the wheel and connect the rings to make the disappear.

File: ring-maniaj.swf

Abc Speed Test - Game Flash

How fast can you type your ABC's?

File: abc-speed-test.swf

Zeldawalk8 5 - Game Flash

Zelda Walk 8

File: zeldawalk8_5.swf

Sonic - Game Flash

Ultimate Flash Sonic.

File: sonic.swf

Spotthedifference - Game Flash

Spot the difference between two similar pictures and, every time you're successful, be very annoyed by the sound effects. Seriously, you might want to turn your sound down.

File: spotthedifference.swf

Quickshot - Game Flash

How many free-throws can you make?

File: quickshot.swf

Miniputt - Game Flash

Mini Putt

File: miniputt.swf
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