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Bombs Away - Game Flash

Bombs Away!!

File: Bombs_Away.swf

Napoleon Dance - Funny Flash

Napoleon Dynaminte shows you how to dance.

File: napoleon_dance.swf

Final Product - Dumb Flash

Ok kids, time to put on those tin-foil helmets once again.

File: Final-Product.swf

Ninja Fury - Funny Flash

Tiny plaid ninjas. You don't want to get one of these things on your couch. You'll never find it.

File: ninja_fury.swf

Sylvester - Cool Flash

Some german kids set off a huge gasoline bomb.

File: sylvester.swf

Jamesbrown - Funny Flash

I feel good *poooot*.

File: jamesbrown.swf

Larry Izolita - Weird Flash

This might be the most annoying this EVER created.

File: larry_izolita.swf

Azumanga - Game Flash

Azumanga, the druglord game.

File: azumanga.swf

Catdrum - Funny Flash

An endless loop of a cat playing bongos on some baby's head. This is hysterical, and I have no idea why.

File: catdrum.swf

Bigredbutton - Funny Flash

It's a Big Red Button. You know you're going to have to push it. No matter what.

File: BigRedButton.swf
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