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Fugly50319478 - Game Flash

It's the Bush dressup game!

File: fugly50319478.swf

Fugly50319440 - Game Flash

Panda Golf 2, Advanced. Meaning that there is a Panda Golf 1, basic?

File: fugly50319440.swf

Fugly50319439 - Game Flash

A game with a hidden Publis Service Announcement hidden inside. Guess who's got the biggest pair.

File: fugly50319439.swf

Fugly50319438 - Game Flash

Hold down your left mouse-button and release it to shoot at the cats with the goal of knocking them into the doorways. Be careful, because if you miss it's splattered kitty all over the place and everyone knows what a pain it is to clean that stuff up.

File: fugly50319438.swf

Fugly50319437 - Game Flash

The Dutch embassy has been taken over by terrorists. As a sniper, it's your job to clear the building of all the bad-guys. You have to be quick because they move fast.

File: fugly50319437.swf

Fugly50319436 - Game Flash

Another great shoot-em-up game, this time in 3D. Use your space-bar to reload and KILL KILL KILL!

File: fugly50319436.swf

Fugly50319432 - Game Flash

This is the best kind of game, in my opinion. Just see how many people you can shoot before the time runs out. Different weapons to choose from too!

File: fugly50319432.swf

Fugly50319431 - Game Flash

The more you eat, the longer your snake grows. Make sure you don't eat yourself and try to clear out all the cookies!

File: fugly50319431.swf

The Best Game Ever - Game Flash



Taxtime - Weird Flash

Found out he owed this year.

File: TaxTime.swf
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