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Fugly50319466 - Game Flash

And here's one for the kids. Not really.

File: fugly50319466.swf

Fugly50319463 - Game Flash

Dtunnel! And you know what the D stands for. Good thing because I don't

File: fugly50319463.swf

Fugly50319461 - Game Flash

This too. Chili Time!!

File: fugly50319461.swf

Fugly50319458 - Game Flash

Whoever took the time to put this together has seriously got too much time on their hands. Seriously.

File: fugly50319458.swf

Fugly50319457 - Game Flash

Oh my GOD! The bugs are coming!

File: fugly50319457.swf

Fugly50319459 - Game Flash

Maus Force Attack! Huh?... Maus? What the hell is a Maus?

File: fugly50319459.swf

Fugly50319864 - Weird Flash

I ended up punching a hole in my screen because of this thing.

File: fugly50319864.swf

Fugly50319491 - Game Flash

Simon Sucks. But hey! Play it anyway!

File: fugly50319491.swf

Fugly50319827 - Funny Flash

You'll be so disappointed when the intro is over. I want to see MORE!!

File: fugly50319827.swf

Fugly50319839 - Dumb Flash

And now... for the 2072309703909230th time. Prepare to stick a pencil in your ear to make it stop.

File: fugly50319839.swf
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