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Soccerjuggle - Game Flash

The only reason to continue playing this game for more than 15 seconds is the possibility that you might get to a new level where you can shoot that annoying announcer. I recommend turning your sound down.

File: soccerJuggle.swf

Toilettactics - Game Flash

Toilet tactics. There's a lot to learn here, guys. You must choose, but choose wisely.

File: ToiletTactics.swf

Cyborg Heffers - Game Flash

Cyborg Heffers From Outer Space. I think I met a few of these in a bar the other night.

File: cyborg_heffers.swf

Booklet Forweb - Weird Flash

I refer to this almost every day.

File: booklet_forweb.pdf

Fugly50319889 - Dumb Flash

You've got gay!

File: fugly50319889.swf

Fugly50319890 - Soundboard Flash

The Dity Punk F*kin Anarchy Machine. Who knew it was all so simple?

File: fugly50319890.swf

Fugly50319493 - Game Flash

Click on different things to figure out what's going on OR, give up after about 97230932 clicks like I did.

File: fugly50319493.swf

Fugly50319487 - Game Flash

Like Mario Bros, only lamer and.. in Japanese.

File: fugly50319487.swf

Fugly50319480 - Game Flash

They say that video games are too violent these days so, here's one a little more constuctive. For the kids, of course.

File: fugly50319480.swf

Fugly50319482 - Game Flash

Move around the office and chainsaw stuff.

File: fugly50319482.swf
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