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Celebrityfightclub - Game Flash

Celebrity Fight Club. Who hasn't dreamed of beating up David Hasslehoff?

File: celebrityfightclub.swf

Arm Wrestle My Ego - Game Flash

Armwrestle your ego! You know you want to.

File: arm_wrestle_my_ego.swf

Net Blazer - Game Flash

Net Blazer!

File: net_blazer.swf

Reversed - Game Flash

This is definitely not as easy as it looks. Try it, you'll see.

File: reversed.swf

Press And Hold - Game Flash

This is the most frustrating thing I have ever seen. The point of the game is to press a button and hold it for as long as you can. The friggin clock has seconds, minutes, hours.. and DAYS! DASY! NYYYARRRRRGGGHH!!

File: press_and_hold.swf

Streak - Game Flash

The streaker game!

File: streak.swf

Compare Your Height - Game Flash

How do you measure up to celebrities and World leaders?

File: compare_your_height.swf

Cup Game - Game Flash

An old standard, the cup game.

File: cup_game.swf

Monkeycliffdiving - Game Flash

Monkey Cliff diving. Click on the monkey to get him to dive and make sure he hits a deep wave. Otherwise... dead monkey.

File: monkeycliffdiving.swf

Concentration - Boobies Flash

Remember that old game, Concentration. You flip two cards over and try to match them up? Well, this is a much better version for obvious reasons.

File: concentration.swf
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