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Fugly50319876 - Weird Flash

See if you can do your taxes from start to finish with this playing in the background the entire time... and without shoving a pencil in your eye.

File: fugly50319876.swf

Flygirl - Game Flash

Flygirl. Squash the jerks to score points.

File: Flygirl.swf

America - Funny Flash


File: America.swf

Classroom 2 - Game Flash

Classroom. Part Deux.

File: Classroom-2.swf

Ganjafarm - Game Flash

How and why are not important. Just cut the grass, and watch for doped up aliens. Huh? Aliens?

File: GanjaFarm.swf

Euroheaders - Game Flash

Euro Headers!

File: EuroHeaders.swf

Epilepsy - Weird Flash

The ultimate babysitting tool. Just sit your kids down in front of this for about an hour or so.

File: epilepsy.swf

Desertbattle - Game Flash

Desert Battle. Because there just aren't enough games out there these days about desert battles. Now, DESSERT battle, that would be something.

File: DesertBattle.swf

Detroit - Game Flash

This is the worst game in the history of games. Well, at least for today anyway.

File: Detroit.swf

Punish Kitty - Gross Flash

I'd really like to know who made this. If you're the creator, please send us an email so we can send you a nice prize. By "nice" I mean severe, and by "prize" I mean beating.

File: Punish_kitty.swf
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