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Fugly50319830 - Weird Flash

Aww, look at the cute little sunsh...AHH!

File: fugly50319830.swf

Virtual Knockers - Boobies Flash

I'm really sorry about the last two, but this should really make up for it. This is why computers were invented in the first place.

File: virtual_knockers.swf

Fugly50319857 - Dumb Flash

Yeah. Ok, really. Is this what the Internet has devolved to?

File: fugly50319857.swf

Fugly50319862 - Weird Flash

You'll never get these five minutes back again. Think about that before clicking on this link. Seriously.

File: fugly50319862.swf

Suicidebomber - Game Flash

This is really sick, but I never get tired of it.

File: suicideBomber.swf

Fugly50319806 - Weird Flash

Five bucks says you can't watch this for 60 seconds and not yawn. You're yawning just thinking about it.

File: fugly50319806.swf

Fugly50319784 - Boobies Flash

Gee, do you think these people have a negative opinion of Christina Aguilera?

File: fugly50319784.swf

Fugly50319783 - Dumb Flash

This is ridiculous but really, what have you seen on this site that isn't?

File: fugly50319783.swf

Fugly50319502 - Game Flash

It's like Rubik's Cube, only way more frustrating.

File: fugly50319502.swf

Fugly50319501 - Game Flash

Wild Kite.

File: fugly50319501.swf
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