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Fugly50319481 - Game Flash

Smack something else for a change. Super Handball!

File: fugly50319481.swf

Fugly50319838 - Cool Flash

Check out duckstudios.com.

File: fugly50319838.swf

Fugly50319837 - Dumb Flash

Watch a guy bench press 1000 lbs. The chicks must REALLY dig him, don't you think?

File: fugly50319837.swf

Fugly50319836 - Cool Flash

Wow. This is really good. I mean, it's depressing as all hell but man. It's very good.

File: fugly50319836.swf

Fugly50319834 - Soundboard Flash

Full Metal Jacket Soundboard.

File: fugly50319834.swf

Fugly50319833 - Funny Flash

My hankey falls down a hill? I wish there was a way to loop this so I could fall asleep to it every night. I think I'd end up having dreams of seizures.

File: fugly50319833.swf

Fugly50319832 - Funny Flash

Jeez. Talk about sore winners. This is pretty old.

File: fugly50319832.swf

Fugly50319479 - Game Flash

An oldie but a goodie. Golden Gate Drop.

File: fugly50319479.swf

Fugly50319477 - Game Flash

This is a very strange game. Knock the soles off of women's shoes to earn points. Points are counted in Japanese Yen, of course.

File: fugly50319477.swf

Fugly50319471 - Game Flash

Just wave your mouse around and DRIVE YOUR CO-WORKERS INSANE.

File: fugly50319471.swf
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