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Bunnyvsbilby - Game Flash

Easter Bunny v. Easter Bilby. To the death, of course.

File: bunnyvsbilby.swf

Arse Race - Game Flash

Arse race!

File: arse race.swf

Oui - Funny Flash

This is a great commercial. This kid has it made.

File: oui.wmv

Fugly50319505 - Game Flash

Pretty simple, just try to land your spacecraft but it's a lot harder than it looks.

File: fugly50319505.swf

Fugly50319500 - Game Flash

The Mini-Jump game!

File: fugly50319500.swf

Fugly50319498 - Game Flash

Show your skills as a tight-rope walker.

File: fugly50319498.swf

Fugly50319499 - Game Flash

Forking Irresistable!

File: fugly50319499.swf

Fugly50319803 - Weird Flash

Sad but true.

File: fugly50319803.swf

Fugly50319490 - Game Flash

3D Ping-Pong?! What will they think of next?

File: fugly50319490.swf

Fugly50319485 - Game Flash

It took me a while to figure out how to play this but once I did, I spent about 2 hours on it. Click on the arrows to direct the packages to the right truck, plane or boat. As an added frustration, you must match the package's color with the shipper's color. You'll see.

File: fugly50319485.swf
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