Did you know?... Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite.
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Fugly50319797 - Dumb Flash

What a sellout.

File: fugly50319797.swf

Fugly50319796 - Funny Flash

Kerpal. YOU KICK MY DOG! This is so old but it's still funny.

File: fugly50319796.swf

Fugly50319793 - Funny Flash

Weener. Heh heh heh. Get it?

File: fugly50319793.swf

Fugly50319792 - Dumb Flash

Do your co-workers not hate you enough already? Play with this for a while and they will.

File: fugly50319792.swf

Fugly50319789 - Funny Flash

The F-Word.

File: fugly50319789.swf

Zeebarf8378789 - Funny Flash

My favorite boardgame!

File: Zeebarf8378789.swf

Fugly50319791 - Weird Flash

Hit it at 50. I don't want that creepy thing coming back to life again.

File: fugly50319791.swf

Fugly50319790 - Soundboard Flash

Arnold Schwarzenneger.

File: fugly50319790.swf

Fugly50319788 - Gross Flash

And now, a detailed analysis of why Bush won the election. It's all about the ending...err, what comes out in the end.. err. Well, you'll see.

File: fugly50319788.swf

Fugly50319787 - Funny Flash

Such a misunderstood little guy.

File: fugly50319787.swf
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