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Fugly50319508 - Game Flash

Match the balls of the same color but you can only match them if they can be connected with a line that can only bend twice. Or once. Ahh, you'll figure it out. It's fun.

File: fugly50319508.swf

Fugly50319509 - Game Flash

Net Blazer!

File: fugly50319509.swf

Fugly50319510 - Game Flash

Collect the stuff and avoid the Muthas!

File: fugly50319510.swf

Fugly50319423 - Game Flash

Thrust II. Now with more thrust!

File: fugly50319423.swf

Fugly50319422 - Game Flash

Lightning Break!

File: fugly50319422.swf

Fugly50319456 - Game Flash

See if you can find your way out of this room. This is really interesting.

File: fugly50319456.swf

Fugly50319511 - Game Flash

Another action packed game, brought to you by DPI Animation House.

File: fugly50319511.swf

Fugly50319512 - Game Flash

Ice Breakout!

File: fugly50319512.swf

Fugly50319513 - Game Flash

Russian Affairs. This is a good one. You're going to piss away your entire afternoon with this.

File: fugly50319513.swf

Fugly50319514 - Game Flash

Cutie Quake. Never trust anything this cute.

File: fugly50319514.swf
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