Did you know?... The mile is Latin for 1,000. The number of paces it took the average Roman!
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Fugly50319448 - Game Flash

Nanaca Crash. Slam into some poor slob with your bicycle and see how far you can bounce his corpse. It's Japanese. Go figure.

File: fugly50319448.swf

Fugly50319446 - Game Flash

Dip Dodge Duck Dive and Drive?

File: fugly50319446.swf

Rotation - Game Flash

Rotation. This is a lot harder than it looks.

File: rotation.swf

Fugly50319443 - Game Flash

Strange game. I can't understand what it says, and no matter what options I choose, I can't get the game to be any different.

File: fugly50319443.swf

Wildwildwest - Game Flash

Wild Wild West.

File: WildWildWest.swf

Monsterpoolsidesumo - Game Flash

Monster Poolside Sumo.

File: MonsterPoolSideSumo.swf

Bird - Dumb Flash

I was really excited when this first started to play but I couldn't get the gun to work. Oh well. This just might be the most annoying thing ever.

File: bird.swf

Ali Osram - Weird Flash

I'm convinced that there are terrorist messages hidden somewhere in this.

File: ali_osram.swf

Goldminer - Game Flash

Gold Miner.

File: GoldMiner.swf

Savedbyyourballs - Game Flash

I take that back. What I said earlier about that other game being the worst ever made. This one takes the cake.

File: savedByYourBalls.swf
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