Did you know?... The water in Lake Superior could cover all of North and South America in a foot of water.
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Fugly50319515 - Game Flash

Winter is over, but you can still write your name in the snow!

File: fugly50319515.swf

Fugly50319516 - Game Flash

If there is any point at all to this game, I've missed it. See if you can find it!

File: fugly50319516.swf

Fugly50319517 - Game Flash

Sort of like Galaga, only much much worse.

File: fugly50319517.swf

Fugly50319518 - Game Flash


File: fugly50319518.swf

Fugly50319519 - Game Flash

I have absolutely no idea how to play or win this game but I wasted about 90 minutes of my life trying.

File: fugly50319519.swf

Fugly50319454 - Game Flash

I have to admit, this is pretty funny. Sorry to any of you die-hard Republicans out there.

File: fugly50319454.swf

Fugly50319453 - Game Flash


File: fugly50319453.swf

Fugly50319452 - Game Flash

Bump Copter. You play a plastic helicopter, lost in the desert.

File: fugly50319452.swf

Fugly50319451 - Game Flash

Remember. Never ever ever f*ck with a gypsy.

File: fugly50319451.swf

Fugly50319449 - Game Flash

You're a seagull. Test your skills and crap on as many people as you can. Watch out for the mines!

File: fugly50319449.swf
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