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Amazingloop - Cool Flash

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I know. I guess I don't get out much. The endless loop.

File: amazingloop.swf

Dancingqueen - Game Flash

Dancing Queen

File: DancingQueen.swf

Bk - Funny Flash

An oldie but a goodie. Burger King!

File: BK.swf

Binladenhalloween - Funny Flash

Better late than never.

File: BinLadenHalloween.swf

Bushsoundboard - Soundboard Flash

Prank your friends with this new George W. Bush sound board.

File: bushsoundboard.swf

Pekingmoon - Gross Flash

Hmm. Tastes like chicken.

File: pekingMoon.swf

Flashback - Weird Flash

Don't watch this if you're under the influence of any mood altering substance. Or, better yet, ONLY watch this if you're under the influence of a mood altering substance.

File: flashback.swf

Seizure Inducer - Weird Flash

Remember that Japanese television show that threw kids into seizures?

File: seizure_inducer.swf

Iseebootyey - Weird Flash

It's a commercial for the new Hi-C flavor. Booty.

File: iseebootyey.swf

Immigrationgame - Game Flash

Elemigrante. The immigration game.

File: immigrationGame.swf
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