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Get Drunk Witih Dignity - Funny Audio

I wish somebody had explained all these things to me years ago. I don't think I'd be working here, that's for sure.

File: get-drunk-witih-dignity.mp3

Spicy Meatball - Funny Audio

I set this as the AIM alert for when all my Italian friends come online. Not really.

File: spicy_meatball.wav

State Of The Union - Scary Audio

Nothing would surprise me these days but I'm pretty sure that this has been edited. Pretty sure.

File: state-of-the-union.mp3

A Few Good Men Pizza - Funny Audio

Col. Nathan R. Jessep orders a pizza.

File: A_Few_Good_Men_Pizza.mp3

Thai Delivery - Funny Audio

This is hysterical. It's old, and it's just wrong on so many levels but it's still funny.

File: Thai_Delivery.wav

Balls Taste Funny - Funny Audio

Some guy calls his doctor's office with a very, very personal problem.

File: Balls_Taste_Funny.mp3

Angst Polka - Funny Audio

Let's all do the angry, white boy polka!

File: Angst_Polka.mp3

Blue Grass Ozzie - Interesting Audio

The Blue Grass version of Black Sabbath's Paranoid?

File: Blue_Grass_Ozzie.mp3

Eat It Fat Girl - Funny Audio

No fat chicks.

File: Eat_It_Fat_Girl.mp3

Poop On Your Door - Funny Audio

What do you think the chances are that this kid is still alive?

File: Poop_On_Your_Door.mp3
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