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Star Wars In 30 Seconds - Funny Audio

Don't have enough time to watch Star Wars? Well now you can hear it all, in 30 seconds.

File: Star_Wars_In_30_Seconds.mp3

Navy Recruiter - Funny Audio

Cracking up a navy Recruiter. This guy is laughing so hard I think he might have peed himself.

File: Navy_Recruiter.mp3

Naked Jello Answering Machine - Funny Audio


File: Naked_Jello_Answering_Machine.mp3

Light My Fart - Funny Audio

Come on baby light my fart.

File: Light_My_Fart.mp3

900 Number Prank - Funny Audio

Now here's something I've always wanted to do

File: 900_number_prank.mp3

Armageddon - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. Armegeddon.

File: Armageddon.wav

Saddamsong - Weird Audio

I wonder who Saddam likes for the Super Bowl.

File: SaddamSong.mp3

Michaeljacksonprank298367 - Funny Audio

Michael Jackson prank call.

File: MichaelJacksonPrank298367.mp3

Dimebag - Funny Audio

I don't think these kinds of things have a return policy.

File: Dimebag.mp3

Gay Trek - Funny Audio

To boldly go where no man has gone before. Read into that what you will.

File: Gay-Trek.mp3
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