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488 - Funny Audio

HILLARIOUS Shaggy prank call

File: 488.mp3

Alzheimer Answering Machine - Funny Audio

Eric Idle of Monty Python fame makes a pretty funny answering machine message!

File: Alzheimer_Answering_Machine.mp3

Mcsnot - Funny Audio

Crank calling McDonalds is fun!

File: McSnot.mp3

Wheat Germ Pizza - Funny Audio

Fun with voice synthesizing software!

File: Wheat_Germ_Pizza.mp3

I Like Monkeys - Funny Audio

You know, I like monkeys too but this is just awful.

File: I_Like_Monkeys.mp3

755 - Funny Audio

Long long ago, in a law-firm far far away.

File: 755.mp3

Babyproof - Funny Audio

Funny stuff from Steve Nielsen.

File: babyproof.mp3

Usmc Answering Machine - Funny Audio

I think some soldier out there is just a little bit bitter.

File: USMC_Answering_Machine.mp3

Things Not To Say During Sex - Funny Audio

Things not to say during sex.

File: Things_NOT_To_Say_During_Sex.mp3

Taliban - Funny Audio

Let freedom, and telemarketers ring.

File: Taliban.mp3
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