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Blair Got High - Funny Audio

Afro Blair? I was going to think of something funnier to write, but I got high.

File: Blair_got_high.mp3

Shaggy Shopping - Funny Audio

Shaggy goes shopping.

File: Shaggy_Shopping.mp3

Apple Support - Funny Audio

Having worked Tech Support, I can relate to this all too well

File: Apple-Support.wav

Blondestar - Funny Audio

Classic Onstar spoof!

File: blondestar.mp3

Bemyintern - Funny Audio

Ahh, the good old days. It was so much better to make fun of this guy.

File: beMyIntern.mp3

Bushhatesme - Funny Audio

Bush hates this guy.

File: BushHatesMe.mp3

Bobsfired - Funny Audio

Adding insult to injury. I hope this is fake.

File: BobsFired.mp3

Britishtelecom - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. BritishTelecom.

File: BritishTelecom.wav

Hillary - Funny Audio

"The Capital Steps" takes a pretty good shot at Hillary and Bill

File: hillary.mp3

Prisonbitch - Funny Audio

This brings me back to my prison days. Ahhh yes, tossed salad.

File: PrisonBitch.mp3
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