Did you know?... In India, pickled ginger, minced mutton, and a cottage cheese like substance are popular pizza toppings.
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Cleanunderwear - Funny Audio

Always make sure you're wearing...

File: cleanunderwear.mp3

Cartoonorgy - Funny Audio

Cartoon Orgy.

File: cartoonorgy.mp3

Bringmedildos - Funny Audio

You don't bring me dildos...anymore.

File: bringmedildos.mp3

Nipple01 - Funny Audio


File: nipple01.wav

Fungool - Funny Audio


File: fungool.mp3

Chinga - Funny Audio

Chinga me? Chinga ME?! CHINGA YOU!!

File: chinga.mp3

Sellers Cantbuymelove - Funny Audio

Peter Sellers doesn Can't Buy Me Love?

File: sellers_cantbuymelove.mp3

Herve - Funny Audio

I have absolutely no idea what this is.

File: herve.mp3

Cantoymca - Funny Audio

Young man. There's no need to feel down.

File: cantoymca.mp3

Ww - Funny Audio

Man, does this song suck.

File: WW.mp3
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