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Westland Gardens - Funny Audio

Mike Williams works in an apartment community and sometimes he has to collect the rent personally. Mike needs a new job.

File: westland_gardens.mp3

Whatever - Funny Audio

Whatever. Personally, I like the guy.

File: whatever.mp3

Taliban Answering Machine - Funny Audio

Taliban answering machine.

File: Taliban-Answering-Machine.wav

Thebeersong - Funny Audio

I've had this song stuck in my head now for about 4 years now.

File: thebeersong.mp3

Dirtydeeds - Funny Audio

Dirty Deeds, done with what?

File: dirtydeeds.mp3

Fartface - WTF Audio

Umm...Mexican food?

File: fartface.mp3

Psychicreading - Funny Audio

Scary psychic reading.

File: psychicreading.mp3

Humanbeatbox - Cool Audio

This is pretty damn impressive.

File: humanbeatbox.mp3

Dickmouth - Funny Audio

I'm telling you, without all of those stupid puppets, that show would be great.

File: dickmouth.mp3

Jimflorentinephonesex - Funny Audio

The job market is really hard these days.

File: JimFlorentinePhoneSex.mp3
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