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Cosmeticscall - Funny Audio

Another customer support nightmare. Cosmetics call.

File: cosmeticscall.mp3

Mailroom - Funny Audio

Less puppets. More of this!

File: mailRoom.mp3

Admissionsdirector - Funny Audio

Admissions director nightmare. This is hysterical.

File: admissionsDirector.mp3

Cashregister - Funny Audio

Cash Register Remix. www.thirdform.net

File: CashRegister.mp3

Yourtomcat - Funny Audio

I didn't even know cats liked chicken.

File: YourTomcat.mp3

Jackass Sharp A2 - Funny Audio

Another "Not So Sharp" call.

File: jackass_sharp_a2.mp3

Jackass Sharp A1 - Funny Audio

Another, "Not So Sharp" call.

File: jackass_sharp_a1.mp3

Getmesomepussy - Funny Audio

So you say your husband will be gone for how long?

File: getmesomepussy.mp3

Numberonekiller - Funny Audio

Death is still the number one killer.

File: numberonekiller.mp3

Yoursobeautiful - Funny Audio

Don't be a man.

File: yoursobeautiful.wav
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