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Unicycle Challenge - Game Flash

Move your mouse from side to side to move and use your space bar to jump. Don't move too far of you will fall over.

File: unicycle_challenge.swf

Flash Mini Putt - Game Flash

Flash mini putt.

File: flash_mini_putt.swf

Snake Slug Worm Python - Game Flash

Snake game. Be a slug, worm or python.

File: snake_slug_worm_python.swf

Flash Puzzles - Game Flash

Flash puzzles.

File: flash_puzzles.swf

Quick Brick - Game Flash

The purpose of the game is to remove as many bricks from the board as possible. Click a group of three or more connected bricks and they disappear. Use the bonuses to help you.

File: quick_brick.swf

Ski Run - Game Flash

Ski between the flags. Use the left and right arrows to steer and the up arrow to accelerate.

File: ski_run.swf

Hang Stan - Game Flash

It's just like Hang Man, only with Stan.

File: hang_stan.swf

Onslaught - Game Flash

This is my favorite kind of game. Mainly because I am a simpleton. SHOOT!

File: onslaught.swf

Grid Shift - Game Flash

Just figure out where the ball will end up by reading the cards.

File: grid_shift.swf

Nuke The Dots - Game Flash

Just your basic dot-nuking game.

File: nuke_the_dots.swf
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