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Milkpan - Game Flash

Maybe this should be called the Mad Cow game.

File: milkPan.swf

Jumpers - Game Flash

This might be the worst game ever made.

File: jumpers.swf

Barbjump - Game Flash

Barbed wire jump rope.

File: barbJump.swf

Simpsonsmillionairre - Game Flash

Who wants to be a Simpson's Millionairre?

File: simpsonsMillionairre.swf

Penguincopter - Game Flash

Penguin Copter!

File: PenguinCopter.swf

Rubikscube - Game Flash

I never could figure this thing out.

File: rubiksCube.swf

Russianroulette - Game Flash

I can't think of a better game for a thursday afternoon. This is crazy.

File: russianRoulette.swf

Falldown - Game Flash

Before there was Pong, there was... oh wait, maybe this was BEFORE Pong.

File: falldown.swf

Drugster - Game Flash

Drugster - Over The Counter Hero.

File: drugster.swf

Flashbackagain - Weird Flash

I'm not kidding, this scares the hell out of me.

File: flashbackagain.swf
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