Did you know?... According to legend, there's a Superman in every episode of Seinfeld.
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Fugly50209125 - Game Flash

What an incredible waste of time. Launch your bug to the next level and... and that's it! Nothing else happens!

File: fugly50209125.swf

Fugly50209104 - Game Flash

Catch 33. This game is enough to drive you crazy.

File: fugly50209104.swf

Voiture - Game Flash

Test your parallel parking ability. If only it were this easy.

File: voiture.swf

Counterstrike - Game Flash

Counter Strike?

File: CounterStrike.swf

Heaton - Funny Flash

Show this to your friends and see how many times they'll watch it before they finally realize, there's nothing more to it. I am Heaton. I like Nike.

File: heaton.swf

Smurfgame - Game Flash

This might be the easiest game you'll ever play.

File: smurfgame.swf

Owhatafeeling - Funny Flash

A little bathroom humor for Superbowl Sunday.

File: owhatafeeling.swf

Dontletgo - Game Flash

Looking for something to help you kill some time? Well this is it.

File: dontletgo.swf

Lightning - Game Flash

Yu have to be quick on the draw with this one.

File: lightning.swf

Fantastic Photography - Cool Flash

A powerpoint with some REALLY cool photos

File: Fantastic_Photography.pps
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