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Never - Funny Audio

Niggers, Chinks, Jews, Wops, Fags...

File: never.wav

Conjugalvisit - Funny Audio

Conjugal volunteer.

File: conjugalvisit.mp3

Assuming - Funny Audio

The ASSuming song.

File: assuming.mp3

Supercalifragilistic - Funny Audio

A little something from me to you.

File: supercalifragilistic.mp3

Afewgood - Funny Audio

A Few Good Prank Calls

File: AFewGood.mp3

Sendingszxshit - Funny Audio

SPAM complaint.

File: sendingszxshit.wav

Disgruntleddj - Funny Audio

Disk Jockey's last night on the air.

File: disgruntledDJ.wav

Recording1comp - Funny Audio

Did he say he's "trying to run a god damn fucking cock sucking business"? Isn't that illegal?

File: Recording1comp.wav

Simpsons Cletus - Funny Audio

Harlan stands up and fucking dances when he hears this. Can you beleive that?

File: Simpsons_cletus.wav

Americanway - Funny Audio

The American Way - Simpsons.

File: AmericanWay.mp3
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